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1. Real Estate
Turner & Turner has experience advising clients on all types of real estate transactions, including the following:

Leasing: We have experience representing landlords and tenants in all types of lease transactions, including retail, office, public utility, ground, and warehouse space leases. Our attorneys skillfully help clients achieve their goals in a cost-effective way.

Purchases and Sales. We advise sellers and buyers on all issues related to the sale and purchase of real estate, including contract negotiation, due diligence, title examination, physical condition of properties, zoning and regulatory matters, environmental matters and closing the transaction.

Condominiums/Townhouses/Cooperatives. Turner & Turner has extensive experience with residential and commercial common interest communities. Our attorneys have sat on condominium boards, represented condominium boards and represented individuals purchasing and selling condominium units.

Financing. Our attorneys represent both lenders and borrowers in structuring, documenting and closing loans.

Distressed Real Estate; Workouts and Foreclosures. Our attorneys can assist by negotiating and implementing loan modification agreements, and other loan restructurings. Our attorneys offer practical advice to clients who want to maximize value in an adverse situation.

Results matter, and Turner & Turner has experience tackling complex issues and bringing deals from inception to closing.

2. Land Use, Zoning and Environmental Law

Turner & Turner has extensive experience obtaining local, state and federal land use approvals for private landowners, commercial developers and public utility companies. Our attorneys handle all types of land use applications, including building permits, certificates of occupancy, certificates of compliance, special use permits, use variances, area variances, and freshwater wetlands permits.

Having appeared before village boards, town boards, city councils and planning boards in Westchester County, Rockland County, Putnam County and New York City, our attorneys use their intimate knowledge of the local rules and procedures to guide an application efficiently through the zoning process.

The New York State Environmental Quality Review Act (“SEQRA”) requires all local agencies to determine whether a project will have an significant environmental impact before taking any action. Our attorneys are experts in navigating the complex procedures required by SEQRA in order to help expedite an application and bypass unnecessary procedures.

Storm water issues are also within Turner & Turner’s areas of expertise. Turner & Turner regularly advises clients on all aspects of legal compliance with storm water requirements, including general permits for construction and development and Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4), as well as storm water, erosion, sedimentation and flooding in connection with the private development of real property.

3. Environmental Law
Turner & Turner is equipt to handle all aspects of environmental due diligence, regulatory compliance, transactional issues and enforcement cases. Our attorneys have experience advising clients regarding Phase I & Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, Soil Management Plans, Health and Safety Plans, the National Environmental Policy Act and the State Environmental Quality Review Act. Representative clients include real estate developers, manufacturing and retail companies, non-profit organizations and individuals. Specific areas of expertise include freshwater wetlands, aesthetic/viewshed analysis, traffic, noise, stormwater, and endangered species.

4. Public Utility/Telecommunications
Turner & Turner has extensive experience representing regional and national public and private telecommunications companies with respect to real estate transactions and land use applications. Our attorneys have successfully negotiated leases and obtained zoning permits for wireless telecommunications facilities throughout northern New Jersey and the New York Metropolitan area. Our attorneys have also advised multi-national telecommunications tower companies on landlord/tenant disputes and real estate tax issues.

5. Dispute Resolution, Mediation, Arbitration, and General Civil Litigation
Turner & Turner takes great pride in advising clients on creative solutions to avoid litigation, while nevertheless positioning clients to achieve success should settlement negotiations break down and judicial intervention becomes necessary. Our attorneys have the tools necessary to represent your interests in state and federal trial and appeals courts.

6. Commercial Contracts
Our attorneys negotiate contracts on behalf of individuals and corporations. Small businesses especially appreciate our efficient, client centered approach and his ability to get the job done quickly and effectively while keeping costs down.

Turner & Turner drafts, negotiates and finalizes the following types of agreements:
Commercial leases
Limited liability Company (LLC) operating agreements
Employment contracts,
Non-compete agreements
Construction contracts
Performer and Entertainer contracts
Settlement agreements
Shareholder and partnership agreements
Website “Terms of Use” agreements

7. Corporate Law/Outside General Counsel
Many businesses do not have the means or desire to hire full time in house counsel. Our firm offers a practical solution to such businesses by acting as outside general counsel. With a strong litigation background and experience representing both large and small corporations, our companies have advised clients in a wide variety of industries including metal manufacturing, agriculture, textile, medicine, and non-profit.

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